I am interested in exploring the world, both in a literal and figurative sense.

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This blog will showcase interviews with people from a variety of different backgrounds. I hope soon to interview people from different cultures and gain insight into their viewpoints. At the moment, I am interviewing people on a wide range of subjects. The aim of this blog is two-fold:

I want people to gain insight into the lives of other people and highlight issues.

I also want to use it to create a resource for people learning English. I have a mixture of interviews, some with and without audio. Next to each post’s title is a level; this level refers to the CEFR levels to give people some idea of the text’s difficulty they are reading. To learn more about the CEFR levels: CEFR Levels: What They Are, Why They Matter, and How to Test Yourself (fluentin3months.com)

Some of the interviews are verbal interviews and people don’t necessarily use correct grammar whilst speaking. Also some of the interviews are written in more of a note format so the English won’t necessarily be grammatically correct. The idea of the blog is not to focus on grammar but to provide examples of everyday English to improve vocabulary and knowledge of phrases used in spoken English. I am happy if any grammar Nazis would like to comment below the posts and point out errors and inform readers of how things could be written in a way that is more grammatically correct.