Welcome to the site which show cases interviews with different people.

This blog has a dual purpose it provides insight into certain issues, it’s also a blog which will help people who are learning English as a foreign language. Happy reading! The level in brackets next to the each blog title is the CEFR level.

Latest from the Blog

Hobbs consultancy and neurodiversity (B2)

Interview Hobbs consultancy Me: Thanks. So I could start with why there is a need to get all employers thinking about employing people with autism. Roxanne Hobbs (Head of Hobbs consultancy): Yeah, I’m just thinking about how I want to answer that question because I believe many different aspects should be considered. I think there’s…

Sue Wheatcroft interview potentially tricky words/phrases for English learners

Discharge someone-if you discharge someone from hospital you allow them to leave Diagnosis-to identify someone as having an illness or a condition Got at-feel that someone is potentially against you Offended- in this context to have done something for which one can be put in prison Arson- the criminal act of setting fire to property…

Sue Wheatcroft-campaigner for change an interview-Level B2

How do you feel that BPD contributed to you ending up in prison? I truly believe that if I had received adequate treatment from the Community Mental Health Services (CMHS) I would not have gone to prison. It wasn’t the symptoms of BPD, as much how they were managed. At the age of 14, I…

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