Hi, all. I’ve been swamped since the start of this year (I’ve also not been well), organizing/filming/editing a series that I hope will be accepted by Amazon. The series is about fitness. Due to this and a lack of space on my laptop, I am looking at doing all my interviews via sending questions to people via email, which is potentially more problematic as it is more forgettable than arranging a face-to-face meeting. However, hopefully I can get some replies back soonish.
Hopefully, I will have a new series of interviews out in the next few months with any luck. I will also update this blog with information about my forthcoming Amazon series. If the series isn’t accepted on Amazon, it will be uploaded onto YouTube and link to it.
To give people a flavour of what the series will include: It will be about fitness at different stages of life, with a few tips on working out and a few insights into some top people in the fitness industry.

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