Discharge someone-if you discharge someone from hospital you allow them to leave

Diagnosis-to identify someone as having an illness or a condition

Got at-feel that someone is potentially against you

Offended- in this context to have done something for which one can be put in prison

Arson- the criminal act of setting fire to property

Probation-release of prison under condition of good behaviour

Spell-in this context it means a period of time spent somewhere

Segregation- to be segregated is to be kept apart from

Uphill-if something is an uphill struggle it is difficult

Front line staff-someone who executes a task rather than plans it

Paying lip service to-saying you support something but not doing anything to actually help out

lead on-the person is normally ‘led on’ and does something or expects something as someone else has lied to them or makes promises they can’t keep

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