Phrases ‘Interview about how the concept of race developed’ with Subhadra Das

Interview about how the concept of race developed – YouTube The idea that you can read a person… Read a person- the idea that you can tell something about someone without having any meaningful interaction with them. You can tell something about them by looking at them. He talks about them crying like a child, and hisContinue reading “Phrases ‘Interview about how the concept of race developed’ with Subhadra Das”

Phrases interview COVID and the vaccine

I don’t have much experience of explaining science to the lay public.  Lay public-in this case individuals who don’t have an academic background in the medical sciences. …. this last year has been a massive learning curve for me! Learning curve-in this situation it relates to the need to learn a lot in a shortContinue reading “Phrases interview COVID and the vaccine”

Phrases from Aspierations interview

We think there might be some latitude there to allow Aspierations to come into companies and do some really exciting work with them. Latitude-in this case greater freedom of choice. I think there is going to be a new halfway house, which actually could be quite attractive to Autistic folk, who can dip in andContinue reading “Phrases from Aspierations interview”