Academically gifted-in this case it means you excel in terms of academic performance

Academically inclined-its part of your personality to want to study academic subjects, maybe you are curious about a certain subject are or you just like to have a certain type of intellectual challenge

Core subjects-those subjects which are compulsory throughout each key stage of the curriculum

Peer pressure-pressure from ones peer group, a peer group is people who are the same/similar in one aspect such as age, background or social status

Qualifications-an exam, which is recognised as showing a certain level of ability or conferring on someone professional status

Aptitude-a natural ability in a certain area

Tone deaf-in this case, it means problems recognising different musical pitches

Innate ability-something someone is born with, aka natural ability and natural aptitude

Tell on you-in this case; it will have a negative impact

Mortgage-loan towards buying a house

Crop up-to appear

Switch off-to not pay attention to your work and to take a break

Apprenticeship-a programme which trains someone for a particular trade

Pastoral-emotional and social support

Special needs-disabilities that may be mental, psychological or emotional

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