The recruitment process/work (level B2)

I am hoping this is my last reflective blog for a while. I will hopefully be going back to interview people in a month or so. I am looking to temp, so I can have the time to work on blogging and videoing and develop skills that will allow me to pursue a career pathContinue reading “The recruitment process/work (level B2)”

Rachel is interviewed (the reason why I am not blogging till July) (B1/B2)

I had an interview part way through May, tbh it was more of an informal chat than an interview. I got through the informal chat and am now preparing for a trial day. So there are a few things that were interesting in terms of the recruitment process: Firstly the job was aimed at neurodiverseContinue reading “Rachel is interviewed (the reason why I am not blogging till July) (B1/B2)”

Useful English phrases: 10 mins to end Stunt man

They have a good body of work behind them-they have many years of experience in this field. This phrase is used for people in arts/people who write books/reports. …where the principal actors aren’t required-a principal actor can be anyone with a speaking role on camera; however, it will depend on the nature of the productionContinue reading “Useful English phrases: 10 mins to end Stunt man”

5 mins to 10 mins stunt man interview

The work kind of picked up after that-this means he started to gain more work. All I wanted to do was make a living from it-earn money to pay for bills, accommodation, and food. What are the perks of the job-what is are the advantages and good things that come with working in that job.Continue reading “5 mins to 10 mins stunt man interview”

Useful English phrases from an interview with a stunt man first 5 mins

I’ve put up sentences with words in bold that I think people learning English might struggle with and I’ve explain what they mean. I’ve also explained useful general vocabulary e.g. vocabulary related to hobbies. I grew up with a lot of old school TV shows like the A team-this term refers to something which wasContinue reading “Useful English phrases from an interview with a stunt man first 5 mins”

An interview about Careers and teaching-phrases/specialised vocab

Academically gifted-in this case it means you excel in terms of academic performance Academically inclined-its part of your personality to want to study academic subjects, maybe you are curious about a certain subject are or you just like to have a certain type of intellectual challenge Core subjects-those subjects which are compulsory throughout each keyContinue reading “An interview about Careers and teaching-phrases/specialised vocab”

Phrases from Aspierations interview

We think there might be some latitude there to allow Aspierations to come into companies and do some really exciting work with them. Latitude-in this case greater freedom of choice. I think there is going to be a new halfway house, which actually could be quite attractive to Autistic folk, who can dip in andContinue reading “Phrases from Aspierations interview”

France COVID interview (level A2)

How did the country you are residing in handled COVID? Do you mean the government or the people? Both. Did people generally take COVID seriously? Did they abide by the regulations?Generally speaking, I would say Yes because it was such an unusual event that people hadn’t predicted. So, I’d say during the first lockdown thatContinue reading “France COVID interview (level A2)”

English phrases from all blogs (excluding the theatre ones)

A gap in the market-was from the interview with a Deaf activist She was commenting on how YouTubers should look for a gap in the market. This means YouTubers should look for something that hasn’t been done before or a different way of doing something so that they can attract people to their channel. TheContinue reading “English phrases from all blogs (excluding the theatre ones)”