Interview about how the concept of race developed – YouTube

The idea that you can read a person…

Read a person- the idea that you can tell something about someone without having any meaningful interaction with them. You can tell something about them by looking at them.

He talks about them crying like a child, and his interpretation of that is that this is someone lesser

Lesser- that he somehow is deviants from the norm behavior wise.

..but it feeds into a lot of other complexities in our society now this idea of toxic masculinity….

Feeds into-in this case, it means has an impact on our society.

Toxic masculinity– when a man follows traditional masculine norms in terms of behaviour or attitudes to work. Behaviour examples could be suppressing emotions; suppressing emotions can be toxic as it can negatively impact mental health. An attitude to work that men have might be the pursuit of social status. The pursuit of social status can be toxic as it potentially means fewer opportunities for women in the workplace, and it can be toxic to men as a man feels under pressure to provide. Thus, toxic masculinity can be toxic to men themselves and society.

…the thing I didn’t know before looking into this subject..

Looking into-before, I examined this subject.

..its a means of justifying that ill-treatment..

 Ill treatment-in this context, exploitation, and cruel treatment of the slaves.

…there’s kind of an element of like a self-fulfilling prophecy it’s like well these people are like children or they’re not intelligent enough to govern themselves.

Self-fulfilling prophecy-when the person predicts a behavior in someone else and their behaviour aligns with the prediction. In this case, because the slaves were treated disrespectfully, they behave in a way that was not optimal, and thus they were seen as the kind of people who were unable to look after themselves and operate in society, unlike their owners, who were treated civilly and thus behaved in a way that was seen as superior. Even though owning slaves was in no way civil! In fact, pretty normal behaviour such as attempts to escape slavery was seen as evidence of pathology!

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