What we’re not trying to say is stop reading Shakespeare or stop reading any of those people, obviously keep reading them but the idea that somehow that their contribution is more important than or should be studied to the exclusion of works from other parts of the world and from non-white people that’s where the racism is baked into the system

Baked into the system-in this case its part of the education system

Things like black history month do happen in this country, but its still very tokenistic 

Tokenistic- a gesture that lacks substance/does nothing to really rectify the problem. In the case of black history month, it’s only a month focusing on black history and not changing the curriculum, which might educate people fully.

We need to be able to widen the field and say that there is a whole world more or out there.

Field-in this case, it relates to ‘fields of study’ and non-white people’s place in them, e.g., not just looking at black history month/slavery, looking at the contribution of non-white people across a range of fields such as science, literature, etc.

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