Interviewer: What did you initially think about getting the vaccine?
Interviewee: I initially thought it was very rushed, so I wasn’t interested in getting it.
I was also in contact with a particular person who had certain views about the vaccine. I think being a bit isolated can affect your evaluation of things, and it’s best to be able to speak to a range of people to broaden your way of thinking.

Interviewer: What changed your mind?
Interviewee: Speaking to family members and watching a talk on YouTube that was among my suggested videos.

Interviewer: What did your family say to you?
Interviewee: It was my mum getting the vaccine. My mother also said that people get vaccinated all the time against illness, e.g., when traveling to different countries and getting vaccinated against yellow fever.

Interviewer: What was said in the talk online that changed your mind?
Interviewee: The guy who was giving the talk said that people are dying and you don’t want your negligence to be part of the reason that people are dying.

Interviewee: What were your thoughts on having the vaccine?
Interviewer: I trust the vaccine as they have to go through a more rigorous process compared to other drugs.

Interviewee: What do you mean by that?
Interviewer: Say, for example, you compare the vaccine to a cancer drug. With both vaccinations and the cancer drug, you ideally want as few side effects as possible. However, with the cancer drug, you are willing to accept some adverse side effects or risk of harm if the benefits are sufficiently great, e.g., saving someone’s life or prolonging it. Whereas with a vaccine, you are giving the treatment to many people who at the point of administration may be perfectly healthy. Thus, the threshold that is accepted for side effects when it comes to the vaccine is higher.
Any side effects that the vaccine has will be the immune system responding however that is the sign that the vaccine is working.

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