Interview COVID and the vaccine (level B2/C1)

Thanks to Ben Johnson again for giving his time to be interviewed. The purpose of this interview is to help people from a non-scientific background understand COVID. I have a scientific background; however, I don’t have much experience of explaining science to the lay public. This last year or so has been an education (NotContinue reading “Interview COVID and the vaccine (level B2/C1)”

French COVID interview (level A2)

How did the country you are residing in handled COVID? Do you mean the government or the people? Both. Did people generally take COVID seriously? Did they abide by the regulations?Generally speaking, I would say Yes because it was such an unusual event that people hadn’t predicted. So, I’d say during the first lockdown thatContinue reading “French COVID interview (level A2)”

A resident from Brazil discusses COVID (level B2)

How do you feel the country you are residing in handled COVID?I feel that COVID came up in a terrible moment for the country because, even before the pandemic, we were coping with political and economic problems. Ideological views surpassed rational decisions, allowing fake news to spread out of control.Since the beginning of the outbreak,Continue reading “A resident from Brazil discusses COVID (level B2)”

Follow-up to the COVID interview (level C1)

I initially had the interview with the scientist earmarked for another blog. The original interview was conducted in March, you can read it here: I moved the interview to this blog because it is more accessible and I wanted to update the science to show how the scientific process works. I hope to interviewContinue reading “Follow-up to the COVID interview (level C1)”