Useful English phrases: 10 mins to end Stunt man

They have a good body of work behind them-they have many years of experience in this field. This phrase is used for people in arts/people who write books/reports. …where the principal actors aren’t required-a principal actor can be anyone with a speaking role on camera; however, it will depend on the nature of the productionContinue reading “Useful English phrases: 10 mins to end Stunt man”

5 mins to 10 mins stunt man interview

The work kind of picked up after that-this means he started to gain more work. All I wanted to do was make a living from it-earn money to pay for bills, accommodation, and food. What are the perks of the job-what is are the advantages and good things that come with working in that job.Continue reading “5 mins to 10 mins stunt man interview”