Martina says:

When I speak, I can’t organise my thoughts; I keep losing the thread and kind of going in circles.

Losing the thread means she says something and can’t remember what she was going to say next.

Going in circles in this context means that because its difficult to organise her thoughts that they aren’t communicated to whoever is listening or at least not communicated in a way that the full message is delivered to the listener.

In this job, I was really pushed, and I think eventually, I just had burnout.

Burnout in the work context is exhaustion on a physical and mental level, which is caused by overwork or from work which is overly taxing.

It’s very much about the kind of chit chat and the jokes and how you bond with your colleagues.

Chit chat is just informal chat, e.g. about what you did at the weekend.

But there were things I couldn’t manage, like the admin part of it, I would leave it until my husband would get pissed off and do my tax return as I’d leave it to the last minute as I can’t face the paperwork.

Pissed off can mean angry or annoyed.

You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but you have to find the balance where you push yourself but don’t feel ill because of how much you’ve pushed yourself.

To push oneself out of ones’ comfort zone means to do a task that one hasn’t done before or which ones feels is difficult. An example would be someone who doesn’t like public speaking going to a public speaking group would be pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

We can be innovative, creative, seeing things outside of the box.

The phrase thinking outside of the box is related to finding novel solutions to solve a problem or coming up with novel ideas about how to investigate a certain topic.

I hope that I’ve managed to provide an explanation for the more problematic phrases. If you struggled with other words or phrases would be interested to hear from you, you can comment down below.

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