let me shadow him-when you shadow someone in a work context, you learn about what they do.

NGOs-non governmental organisations.

downhill trajectory – the situation gets worse.

homeless- in this case its the homeless people on the street who don’t have housing (a roof over their head).

rapport- in this case, develop a relationship where both parties (people communicating) understand each other’s feelings and ideas.

awkward position- in this case, a position which is uncomfortable and can only be maintained for a short period of time.

news gathering team-a team that gathers information to get the news out to the public.

it gives them a sort of dignity-dignity is about being worthy of respect and being treated ethically. I think we should treat everyone with dignity, and it should be reliant on their position within society.

don’t really get traumatised- to be in a state of shock/mental distress due to a disturbing experience.

drop in the ocean- only a very, very small amount.

raise the profile- get more attention in terms of a specific issue.

moved to do something- to cause something to feel an emotion and then to take action.

envisage-to think up something which doesn’t yet exist

mentor-someone who supports someone who has less experience in a certain area.

one of the beneficiaries-someone who benefits from a project.

refugees- people fleeing conflict or persecution.

it is tragic photographic this people-if something is tragic it brings distress or sorrow.

most prestigious photographic gallery-a photographic gallery which inspires respect and admiration. A place that is seen as having a high status in society.

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