Phrases from Aspierations interview

We think there might be some latitude there to allow Aspierations to come into companies and do some really exciting work with them.

Latitude-in this case greater freedom of choice.

I think there is going to be a new halfway house, which actually could be quite attractive to Autistic folk, who can dip in and dip out of that as they choose.

To dip in and dip out of-to actively take part in something then move back to another state or situation. In this case employees wouldn’t go to a company office in the traditional sense but they would still have the opportunity to socialise and potential to network. Probably with more emphasis on home working.

Secondly, the amount of social security that has to be paid to them as well. 

Social security-in this case the money paid to individuals who are out of work.

It’s naturally assumed that they will be good on the computer side of things, but you and I know it’s much more subtle than that and that different skillsets within Autism are attracted to different industries.

Skillset-range of things that someone is good at, usually used in reference to what someone does within their job.

Also, how does the intern, interact with their colleagues, I think there is a difference between being an intern and being a paid employee. 

Colleagues-people you work with at the office.

They might have had a reason to do that but for an Autistic student that is discrimination quite frankly.

Discrimination-in this case a scenario which puts someone with a neurodiverse condition at a disadvantage with respect to their peers.

However, when you look at their CV, it generally says jobs in Mcdonald’s or stacking shelves in a supermarket.

Stacking shelves-putting goods onto the shelves.

If they rule that out, then we’ve got to say to them, ‘right we’ve got to renegotiate your thoughts about career path planning, and that’s going to be a very, very hard thing to do.

Rule that out-they’ve decided that a course of action is unsuitable for them.

We might be able to get involved in being an advocate for that particular person because it’s all part of reasonable adjustments, and that’s a legal requirement; there is some wriggle room for change.

Wriggle room for change-there is the capacity to negotiate changes.

We are looking to create what we consider to be an Autism-friendly mock job interview we might be able to replicate that for a company for a real job.

Mock job interview-mock job interview something that seems like the real thing, in this case it is used in preparation for the actual event. A mock exam is the same concept.

We can make it much more bespoke for the actual candidate.

Bespoke-its tailored towards a specific candidate’s needs.

English phrases from all blogs (excluding the theatre ones)

A gap in the market-was from the interview with a Deaf activist

She was commenting on how YouTubers should look for a gap in the market. This means YouTubers should look for something that hasn’t been done before or a different way of doing something so that they can attract people to their channel.

The word arm was used in the COVID interview in the following context:

  • There are three arms to how we tackle the disease…
  • …significant arm of any country’s response…

An arm, in this instance, means a way of responding. So, three arms means three ways of responding to something, in this case, tackling COVID. ‘A significant arm of any country’s response’ means that using a certain strategy is a major part of the country’s response.

I tried hard to fit in-used in Neurodiversity and work interviews. Fit in is a phrasal verb. It means to belong to a group, in this case to have a sense of belonging and to get along with her peers (people in her year group) at school.

Companies like to pay lip service to diversity. Companies like to say that they support diversity, but they put nothing in place for neurodiverse individuals.

I’d spurt out anything that came to mind. To quickly say a thought that comes into your head. In this case, the woman was nervous, so she couldn’t process the situation and just said whatever came into her head.

I made small talk-casual/informal conversation to break the ice (make yourself and those you’re talking to feel more comfortable)

Play it safe; plain office wear is usually best. Play it safe in this context means don’t be risky and choose clothing that would be deemed inappropriate because it might not be formal enough for the office environment.

The next lot of words and phrases will be from the follow-up to the COVID interview. Earmarked-I initially had the interview earmarked for another blog. I was going to use it on another blog.

Stay tuned for an update. Keep an eye on the blog to see when information on the previous post is updated.

The last blog for which I will examine English phrases is the interview about the play an instinct for kindness.

The play ‘An instinct for kindness’ was shortlisted for the ‘what’s on stage award.’ To shortlist in this case means choosing the better ones from a long list of candidates and forming a shorter list of names.

What checks and balances did the Swiss have? Checks and balance means regulations that prevent abuses of the system and ensures that the person choosing the option is taking the best option for them.

Putting a human face on what can be a very dry..subject. A dry subject is something hard to connect to or uninteresting. In this case, putting a human face means giving the example of someone who went through a certain situation to make it something people connect with more easily/find more interesting.

I’ve read you were going to put a political standpoint…In this context, you were going to talk about policymaking on this subject.

…it’s such a typical English law…and they muddle along. In this sense, it means to proceed so that it is confusing and makes it difficult to plan using the existing laws.