Aspierations part 2 Interview with Gabriel Herman (level B1)

What do you think about something less formal e.g., something that was paid for just a few months? Its better than nothing. You and I know that but at what cost to somebody’s mental health?  When we organised mock job interviews in Bristol and Bath we needed  to stress that they weren’t going to leadContinue reading “Aspierations part 2 Interview with Gabriel Herman (level B1)”

Aspireations interview with Gabriel Herman part 1 (level B1)

With thanks to Gabriel Herman for agreeing to be interviewed. Could you give me a general overview of what Aspierations does? Aspiration’s’ task is to help people with high functioning Autism or Aspergers syndrome get on the path to an aspirational career. Could you give a general overview of how Aspierations help people into employment?Continue reading “Aspireations interview with Gabriel Herman part 1 (level B1)”

Autism and employment, strategies aren’t working (level C2)

I trashed my GCSEs. I had spent my teenage years having problems sleeping, which led to periods of psychosis. My sleep deprivation was caused by anxiety, which was partly a product of difficulty fitting in at school. None of the teachers picked up on the problems I was having, even in the last year whenContinue reading “Autism and employment, strategies aren’t working (level C2)”

English phrases from Prospero theatre piece

A theatre company called Prospero (level B1) – Rachel Does Interviews I did some videos for a theatre company called Prospero Theatre; they are an inclusive theatre company that helps individuals with learning disabilities, autism, and/or mental health issues. In this part of the blog, I highlight phrases that people learning English might find problematicContinue reading “English phrases from Prospero theatre piece”