A theatre company called Prospero (level B1) – Rachel Does Interviews

I did some videos for a theatre company called Prospero Theatre; they are an inclusive theatre company that helps individuals with learning disabilities, autism, and/or mental health issues.

In this part of the blog, I highlight phrases that people learning English might find problematic and explain what they mean. I’d be interested in having people comment and tell me if any phrases were new to them and/or that they had trouble with within the following blog posts:

Transcript for short Prospero piece (level A2) – Rachel Does Interviews

A theatre company called Prospero (level B1) – Rachel Does Interviews

Clips from COMA (level A1) – Rachel Does Interviews

Relationship building-learning to relate to people in a team/build a social network.

To pull together-in this case, when elements of the drama session and the art session we’re brought together, it created a sense of well-being. Elements brought together to create something or some benefit.

To shelve something-you stop working on something, and return to it at a later date. Bex’s shelved her drama but returned to it later in her work with Prospero Theatre.

Carry me through- Tina had people thinking about her ‘carried her through’ the marathon meaning that it sustained her as it gave her the motivation to continue.

Rooting for me-Tina knew that Prospero Theatre members were ‘rooting for her’, meaning that they wanted her to do well and complete the marathon.

To push someone to do something- to encourage them in an endeavour. So Michael ‘pushed members of the Friday Club beyond what they thought they were capable of’ he encouraged them to challenge themselves and go further than they thought they could.

What not-in the case of voodoo shrunken heads and what not it means etc.

Downward spiral-to continue on a downward spiral in thinking means thinking the worse, awfulizing, or catastrophising when considering a situation.

Getting on a bit-getting on a little bit in age means getting older.

Please comment and tell me if there is anything else in the Prospero Theatre blog posts that you’d like explained.

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