[Sound of silence dance routine and hospital sounds until 56 secs.]

“Bring you up. Come on you!”

“Are you ready?”

“Three, two, one… ta-da. So, what do you think?”

“You look great. Come on; let’s go. I don’t wanna be late and I know the route.”

“We thought you might bring Eden with you.”

“He’s gonna meet us there.”

“Hope you’re not wearing those skimpy skirts.”

“No. Dad, girls are liberated now.”

“Not in my house, they’re not.”

“Go on, quick before he sees you! Make sure you’re back here by 11.”

“Take her away. I don’t wanna see her”

“You brought it on yourself.”

“That’s it, Alisa. You’ve done the right thing. Now you just need to go to Room 6 to sign the papers.”

“I felt as though I was going to my own execution.”

“I went in.”

“My parents were there.”

“I hadn’t expected that.”

“My mum was holding the child.”

“I will need your parents to sign too, because you’re under 18.”

“She’s beautiful Alisa.”

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