English phrases from Prospero theatre piece

A theatre company called Prospero (level B1) – Rachel Does Interviews I did some videos for a theatre company called Prospero Theatre; they are an inclusive theatre company that helps individuals with learning disabilities, autism, and/or mental health issues. In this part of the blog, I highlight phrases that people learning English might find problematicContinue reading “English phrases from Prospero theatre piece”

Transcript for short Prospero piece (level A2)

Intro: beeps (signifying hospital sound) Bex/Becca: When we bring together the creative self-expression of performing, the ownership of creating props. All of those things pulled together there’s a huge amount of benefit, to mental health and to our emotional well-being and a lot of relationship building goes on as well. Beth: One of the mostContinue reading “Transcript for short Prospero piece (level A2)”

Clips from COMA (level A1)

[Sound of silence dance routine and hospital sounds until 56 secs.] “Bring you up. Come on you!” “Are you ready?” “Three, two, one… ta-da. So, what do you think?” “You look great. Come on; let’s go. I don’t wanna be late and I know the route.” “We thought you might bring Eden with you.” “He’sContinue reading “Clips from COMA (level A1)”