Autism and employment, strategies aren’t working (level C2)

I trashed my GCSEs. I had spent my teenage years having problems sleeping, which led to periods of psychosis. My sleep deprivation was caused by anxiety, which was partly a product of difficulty fitting in at school. None of the teachers picked up on the problems I was having, even in the last year whenContinue reading “Autism and employment, strategies aren’t working (level C2)”

Exploring diversity in 2021 and beyond (level B2)

Here are a few videos that I made for my YouTube channel related to non-white history/culture. On Empire – YouTube On a white curriculum – YouTube Interview about how the concept of race developed – YouTube Diversity in cinema with a focus on representation of black people – YouTube The first set of videos wasContinue reading “Exploring diversity in 2021 and beyond (level B2)”

Finding your niche Autism and Employment-English phrases

Martina says: When I speak, I can’t organise my thoughts; I keep losing the thread and kind of going in circles. Losing the thread means she says something and can’t remember what she was going to say next. Going in circles in this context means that because its difficult to organise her thoughts that theyContinue reading “Finding your niche Autism and Employment-English phrases”

Autism and finding your employment niche (level B1)

Continuation of the series on Autism and employment. Here I interview Martina about how experience of work. Me: I didn’t do that well at school. I was diagnosed late, so I didn’t have much support at school. Part of the problem was due to socializing issues, and I wonder how much that impacts other peopleContinue reading “Autism and finding your employment niche (level B1)”

English phrases from all blogs (excluding the theatre ones)

A gap in the market-was from the interview with a Deaf activist She was commenting on how YouTubers should look for a gap in the market. This means YouTubers should look for something that hasn’t been done before or a different way of doing something so that they can attract people to their channel. TheContinue reading “English phrases from all blogs (excluding the theatre ones)”

English phrases from Prospero theatre piece

A theatre company called Prospero (level B1) – Rachel Does Interviews I did some videos for a theatre company called Prospero Theatre; they are an inclusive theatre company that helps individuals with learning disabilities, autism, and/or mental health issues. In this part of the blog, I highlight phrases that people learning English might find problematicContinue reading “English phrases from Prospero theatre piece”

Neurodiversity and work (level B2)

I sent some interview questions about neurodiversity and work to anon in the publishing industry; here are her answers: Since graduating from university, I have been fortunate enough to have been in constant full-time employment. This is very unusual for a person with autism, but there are several reasons for this. From the time IContinue reading “Neurodiversity and work (level B2)”

Follow-up to the COVID interview (level C1)

I initially had the interview with the scientist earmarked for another blog. The original interview was conducted in March, you can read it here: I moved the interview to this blog because it is more accessible and I wanted to update the science to show how the scientific process works. I hope to interviewContinue reading “Follow-up to the COVID interview (level C1)”