A theatre company called Prospero (level B1)

Transcript for Prospero piece Intro: [beep] (signifying hospital) Beth: We have quite a high ratio of staff to guys and everyone really works together. So, although all of the people that are participants do have a disability, it feels much more inclusive than exclusive and we have Bex who does the art. So, she leadsContinue reading “A theatre company called Prospero (level B1)”

Coronavirus: some of the science behind it (level C1)

Interview conducted 30/03/2020 as our knowledge of coronavirus is evolving some of the information may change. The treatment options tested and our knowledge about how the virus acts on the body are the things most likely to change through the course of the pandemic.* Most of interview is in the original format, changes made soContinue reading “Coronavirus: some of the science behind it (level C1)”

An interview with a Deaf activist (level B2)

Most of this interview is in its original format, with slight changes made so it suits a blog format. What inspired you to start your YouTube Channel/Blog? As a teen I wanted somewhere to share my frustrations and talk about my experiences of living life with deafness. Someone close to me suggested writing a blog,Continue reading “An interview with a Deaf activist (level B2)”

Clips from COMA (level A1)

[Sound of silence dance routine and hospital sounds until 56 secs.] “Bring you up. Come on you!” “Are you ready?” “Three, two, one… ta-da. So, what do you think?” “You look great. Come on; let’s go. I don’t wanna be late and I know the route.” “We thought you might bring Eden with you.” “He’sContinue reading “Clips from COMA (level A1)”